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Bread And Macaroon was designed to bring to your home the flavors of a traditional bakery.

We share our passion with our customers and endeavor to create new inspired recipes, using fine quality British products. For everyday meals, special occasions, or treats of the day, our fresh selection of bread, French pastries, and sweet cakes, are all carefully selected to offer the best quality and taste. 


We are the result of 2 companies fusion: Dynamic Baking Classes created in 2019 and Manger Moi created by Fred Saber in 2017.

Manger Moi, specialised in Pastries, Muffins, and French Crepes, was based in Stratford. Fred Saber has over 20 years of experience as a food Business Manager in retail, restaurants, and customer services.

Dynamic Baking Classes, specialist baker of French and English traditional food, was created by Bertrand Kerleo in 2019. Bertrand Kerleo has over 25 years of experience as a head baker, a Michelin star restaurant, hotels, and bakery industries. Bertrand Kerleo has a well-established reputation and has worked with several top chefs, such as Tom Atkins, Eric Chavot, and many others. 

Bread And Macaroon is the union of two dedicated professionals in the Food Industry who are honored to bring your home the best artisanal products on the market.


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